Whether you’re working for or with us here at SECTA, these Rules of Codes of Practise are relevant to you. They set out the values we hold and the standards of behaviour expected of us, and also touches on other Tourism policies that are important to be familiar with regardless of your seniority or role here.

While these Codes and Practises do not and cannot address every issue of conduct or ethics that may arise, in many cases its principles should point to an answer. Where questions do arise, you’re encouraged to discuss them with experienced and respected colleagues.

Employees, contractors, agents, interns, and anyone else affiliated with SECTA can be subject to a high degree of public scrutiny. Accordingly, we must remember that the individual manner in which we conduct ourselves can have a major bearing on SECTA’s reputation and long-term viability.

We operate in a complex environment with various political, legal, commercial and geographic imperatives that do not always align. While this can present challenges, it is simply part and parcel of marketing in South East Cornwall.

Given the associated complexities, this Codes and Practises are essential so that we have a clear and definitive set of standards for conduct. We must continue to demonstrate to our members that we manage ourselves and our business dealings efficiently and exhibit integrity, transparency and professionalism at all times. Consider these Codes a foundation for the learning you’ll do at SECTA; it should help steer you toward the right path and set the context for future decision making.

Our desire to strive for excellence means we set a high standard for ourselves and the people we work with. With this in mind, we’re glad to welcome you to our great team.